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Beginning February 16, 2015, Crime Stoppers of Lufkin's Crime of the Week case will also appear on the Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers website.  At www.DETCS.tips you will find information concerning crimes and wanted persons from Angelina and surrounding counties.

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7/26/2010 - In Plain SightSOLVED
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Crime Stoppers Tipsters assisted investigators in identifying the thieves shown here.  The identities of these criminals were being sought in connection to the theft of multiple pairs of eyeglasses frames from a Lufkin-area Optometrist’s office.


On Friday, July 16, 2010, staff of a Lufkin-area Optometrist’s office reported to Lufkin Police Department at approximately 5:30 P.M. that date the male and female suspects had stolen merchandise from the showroom at the office and then fled the area.  Reviewing security video files revealed that the suspects targeted the more expensive brands of eyeglasses frames, including men’s and women’s styles of the brands; Versace, Dior, Hardy, and Coach.  The video files also showed that the suspects did little to conceal their actions from the numerous other customers and the members of staff present in the showroom at the time of the crime. 




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7/19/2010 - Copper ThievesSOLVED
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Diboll Police need your assistance to identify the suspect seen in these images captured by a security camera, in multiple theft copper incidents at the Diboll Civic Center.

At approximately 4:00 A.M. on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, the damage the thieves caused to the Civic Center’s air-conditioning unit is valued at approximately $50,000.  Detectives believe that at least two suspects are involved in stealing copper from the facility on three separate occasions and that the same suspects may also be responsible for copper wire stolen from the Diboll Junior High School.

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6/28/2010 - Random Acts of ViolenceSOLVED

Around midnight on May 8, 2010, two Lufkin-area residents became victims of random acts of violence perpetrated by two assailants who investigators have not yet identified.  That night, Lufkin Police Department Officers responded to two calls for help, spaced only a few minutes apart, and learned that in each incident a pedestrian was brutally attacked by bottle-wielding assailants in a pickup truck.  Witnesses to the incidents stated that the assailants were white, males driving a light-colored small to mid-size pickup truck.


The first victim, a 43-year old male, was walking in the 800 block of North Raguet Street when the assailants stopped their vehicle near him, asked the victim a question to bring him closer to their vehicle, and then used a beer bottle to strike the victim’s face, causing a laceration below his eye.


The second victim, a 45-year-old male, was walking in the 900 block of Weaver Avenue when he was attacked in a manner similar to the first attack.  According to witnesses, the victim was at the roadside speaking with the assailants when they used a beer bottle to strike the victim’s head and face.  The attack caused massive facial injuries, including lacerations and bone fractures, and rendered the victim unconscious.  The victim was moved by ambulance to a local hospital and then transported by helicopter to a regional trauma center.



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6/7/2010 - Senseless VandalismSOLVED


At approximately 6:00 P.M. on Sunday, May 16, 2010, a vandal burglarized a business located in the 1300 block of Wilson Avenue.


The suspect forced entry into multiple buildings on the business’ property by smashing windows and breaking doors.  Once inside the buildings, the suspect used the business’s own blue spray paint to write graffiti on interior walls, the suspect also smeared grease on locks and doors, took property from within some of the buildings, and damaged an expanded metal security door in an unsuccessful attempt to access a storage room.


A security camera in place inside of the business captured video of the suspect, a black, male subject wearing a white tank top.  The video shows the suspect as he walks in front of the security camera and then pauses to swings a tool at the camera; he missed the camera and then walked away.  Video of the suspect and some of the damage he caused can be viewed online at www.LufkinCrimeStoppers.com.  


The video of the suspect and evidence collected from the crime scene will serve to link the suspect to the crime, but Investigators need your assistance to identify the suspect so that he can be brought to justice.



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5/24/2010 - Pizza Delivery RobberySOLVED
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Around 1:30 P.M. on Sunday, May, 2, 2010, a pizza delivery driver was attacked and robbed outside a vacant house in the 300 block of Humason Avenue.


The victim was lured to the location under the pretense of delivering food and when he knocked at the front door a male subject inside the residence directed the victim to bring the food to a door at the rear of the residence.  The victim complied and, as he stood at the rear door speaking with the subject, someone used a wooden tool handle to strike the back of the victim’s head.  The blow knocked the victim to the ground where he was attacked by both assailants.  The victim suffered serious head injuries from being kicked and beaten while the assailants went through his pockets.


Investigators believe that at least two assailants were involved in this crime and evidence collected at the scene will assist in linking them to the crime.  Investigators identified the telephone used to place the bogus food order and need to identify the subject seen in these images captured by video cameras at a local business.  The subject is a white, male wearing blue jeans and a light colored t-shirt, and he came and went from the store in a light-brown, early 2000’s year model Chevrolet Tahoe.


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4/26/2010 - Runaway RolexSOLVED
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All businesses hope for merchandise to fly out of the store, just not the way it happened at one East Texas jewelry store.


Shortly after 6:00 P.M. on Saturday, April 17th, Beard Fine Jewelers suffered a loss of more than $13,000 when a supposed customer snatched a Rolex watch and fled the store.  A store employee chased the suspect around the outside of the building until witnesses warned him that the suspect was carrying a gun.


The suspect entered the store twice on the date of this offense, each time viewing various items and speaking with employees about prices, but he ended his second visit by grabbing a Rolex Datejust watch and sprinting out of the store.  The Rolex stolen had a 36mm case with a diamond dial and bezel, a stainless-steel bracelet, and is valued at $13,375.


According to witnesses and security videos, the suspect is a black, male, at least 5`9" tall, with a close-cut hair style and no facial hair.  He wore a short sleeve collared shirt, navy blue with white and red horizontal stripes, dark blue pants, white shoes, a baseball cap, and on his right hand he wore a rectangle-shape diamond pinky ring; his clothing still had tags attached.


Witnesses saw the suspect carrying a pistol as he fled the store, so this crime could have had a much worse outcome.




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4/19/2010 - Funny MoneySOLVED


If it were your money, it wouldn’t be very funny.


At approximately 6:30 P.M. on Monday, April 12, 2010, the suspect shown here passed counterfeit money at a Lufkin, Texas convenient store.


The suspect, a black, male, arrived at the store as the front seat passenger in a maroon 1997-year-model Toyota Rav4.  He wore a white Nike brand hat, a white sleeveless shirt, blue jean shorts, white tennis shoes, sunglasses, and had in each ear a hoop earring.


The suspect presented a counterfeit $10 bill as payment for the purchase of several items, including a pack of cigarettes, two bags of chips, a fruit drink, and two alcoholic beverages.  A store employee accepted the bill and returned change to the suspect but, after the suspect exited the store, the employee realized that the bill was counterfeit and contacted Lufkin Police Department. 


The store employee caught the counterfeit bill and turned it over to law enforcement but had the bill made its way to another customer, this suspect’s actions could have affected many more people.


Information concerning the features of genuine Federal Reserve Notes can be found online at www.secretservice.gov/know_your_money.shtml.  If you doubt that a bill is genuine, contact your local police department.

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3/29/2010 - Counterfeit CurrencySOLVED
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At approximately 2:00 P.M. on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, the two suspects shown in these images passed counterfeit currency at a store located in the 200 block of North Temple Drive in Diboll, Texas.


According to store employees’ accounts, the suspects, who entered the store separately, each presented a $50 bill as payment for a single item of merchandise.  The attending store employee was suspicious of the bills and inspected them but ultimately accepted the bills as genuine, provided change to the suspects, and allowed them to exit the store with the merchandise.


The $50 bills presented appeared, at first inspection, to be genuine because they contained anti-counterfeiting features that the employees were instructed to look for; U.S. currency paper, embedded security thread, and watermark.  However, following the suspects’ transactions, the attending store employee and a store manager again inspected the bills and discovered that the same serial number appeared on both of the presented bills and that the anti-counterfeiting features were incorrect for $50 bills.


Genuine Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are printed on a linen-cotton blend paper in which are embedded small, randomly disbursed red and blue fibers.  FRNs issued since 1996 have an enlarged and off-center portrait and, except for $5 bills issued since 2008, a watermark depicting the same historical figure as the portrait that is visible from either side of the bill when held up to a light source; two watermarks are present on $5 bills issued since 2008, a large "5" and a column of three smaller "5"s.  Additionally, genuine FRNs contain a clear polyester thread embedded vertically in the paper and inscribed with the denomination of the note.  This security thread is visible only when held up to light and for each denomination the tread has a unique position and will glow a unique color in ultraviolet light.  If you doubt that a bill is genuine, contact your bank or your local police department.


Additional information concerning U.S. currency and counterfeiting can be viewed online at http://www.secretservice.gov/know_your_money.shtml.

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2/1/2010 - Huntington Area Vehicle BurglariesSOLVED
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Around the 1st of this year, thieves burglarized several vehicles in and around Huntington, Texas.  Early on the morning of January 3rd, one of the vehicle owners learned that she had been a victim of these thieves when she received a telephone call from a Rusk, Texas Police Officers.  The Officer informed the victim that her purse had been discovered in a Rusk convenient store’s garbage dumpster and, after speaking with the Officer regarding the contents of the purse, the victim learned that her wallet was missing. 


Knowing that her wallet contained her debit card, the victim accessed her online banking records and found that an unknown actor had fraudulently used her card in Jacksonville, Texas to debit $40.00 from her bank account.  Further review of her account records revealed four additional fraudulent transactions involving her debit card; $323.67 for the purchase of a video game system, and three cash withdrawal transactions in the amounts of $102.00, $202.00, and $42.00.


Security cameras at two Jacksonville area stores captured video of a female using the stolen debit card to purchase the video game system and conducting the cash withdrawal transactions; the images and video clips (choose "Click to View Movie" link at right) shown here where taken from those videos.  Investigators need to identify this woman so that she, and anyone else involved with these crimes, can be charged.


If you know who this woman is or if you can provide any information about these crimes, call Crime Stoppers at 639-TIPS or leave an anonymous tip at www.LufkinCrimeStoppers.com.  You never have to give your name and if the information you provide leads to arrests related to these crimes, or any felony crime, you could earn a cash reward of up to $1,000.



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1/18/2010 - Vehicle Burglary & ForgerySOLVED
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At approximately 8:00 A.M. on the morning of August 28, 2009, a red Dodge Neon was burglarized while parked at a Tulane Drive daycare.  The victim was away from her vehicle for only a moment but she left it unlocked, a mistake of which the thief took full advantage.


While the victim escorted her child into the daycare facility, the thief removed from the victim’s vehicle a black-in-color Polaroid brand digital camera, a pink-in-color Sony brand portable DVD player, and a purse.  A brown-in-color, Coach brand wallet, cash, checks, credit cards, jewelry, and the victim’s identification and paycheck were among the items stolen with the brown-, orange-, and blue-in-color purse.


At approximately 10:00 A.M. that same day, security video cameras at a North Timber Drive grocery store captured the woman shown in these photographs using the victim’s identification to cash the paycheck.  Detectives need to identify this woman so she can be charged with this crime.


If you can identify this woman or provide any information about this crime, call Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or leave an anonymous tip at www.LufkinCrimeStoppers.com.  You never have to give your name and if the information you provide leads to an arrest in this case, or any felony crime, you could earn a cash reward of up to $1,000.  Crime Stoppers is doubling all cash rewards for tips called in during January so, if your tip leads to an arrest, you could earn up to $2,000.




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