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If you can provide any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, call Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit an anonymous Web Tip.  You never have to give your name and Crime Stoppers may pay a cash reward of up to $1,000 if the information you provide leads to the arrest of a felony offender.

2/20/2012 - Wanted Person: Rafael OrtaCAPTURED
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Crime Stoppers of Lufkin wants your help locating Rafael Orta.


Orta is wanted by Lufkin Police Department on a Capital Murder arrest warrant for his involvement in the murder of Robert Darnell Bennett.  Bennett was shot to death February 07, 2012 in his house on California Boulevard in Lufkin.


Orta, who will be twenty years old this March, is approximately five-foot, six-inches tall and weighs approximately one-hundred-sixty-five pounds.  He has brown eyes and short-cut, black hair, and he has the letter “N” tattooed on the back of his hand.


Investigators believe that Orta is still in the Lufkin/East Texas area.


Investigators have made four others arrests in the Bennett murder investigation but Rafael Orta remains at large.  Do to the nature of the crime for which he is wanted, investigators have expressed concern that Orta may be a danger to others.

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2/13/2012 - Shoplifters in SleepwearSOLVED
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Crime Stoppers of Lufkin wants your help identifying the suspects in two theft investigations.


Investigators have not found a connection between these crimes or suspects, but both cases involve thieves in pajamas stealing merchandise from a Lufkin-area convenient store.


The suspect in theft number one has been identified and captured.  She was a black female wearing a pink hat and pink pajama pants.  She filled a shopping cart with merchandise and walked away from the store without making payment.


The suspects in theft number two have been identified.  They are two black males and a black female; the female was wearing green pajama pants.  Between them, the suspects hid six bottles of Smirnoff Ice in their pants and ran from the store.


Click here to view video of the suspects.


Crime Stoppers chose to profile these crimes as a warning to other would-be thieves.  Punishments for these thefts can be stiff, and prior theft convictions can enhance the penalty to a Felony.



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1/9/2012 - Diamond HeistSOLVED
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All businesses hope that holiday shopping will cause merchandise to fly out of the store, just not the way it happened at one East Texas jewelry store.


Around 5:00 PM on the Monday after Christmas, a Lufkin-area jewelry store suffered a $2,000 loss when a supposed customer pocketed a diamond ring and left the store without making payment. 


Employees described the suspect, shown here in footage from the store’s security cameras, as a white male in his mid-twenties with short-cut, brown hair and a goatee-style beard, without a mustache.  He was wearing a maroon long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and western-style boots and belt. 


The suspect told employees that he was looking for a diamond ring to give to his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve.  An employee showed the suspect rings and, when the employee turned her head away for a moment, the suspect slipped one of the rings into his pocket. 


The suspect then exited the store, with the ring, and drove away in a maroon, 2000 to 2006 Chevrolet Suburban. 


The stolen ring was a three-quarter carat diamond solitaire in a white-gold setting, and is valued at $2,000.


Click here to view portions of the jewelry store’s security video showing the suspect and his vehicle.






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12/20/2011 - Missing Manhole CoversSOLVED
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Crime Stoppers of Lufkin wants the public’s help identifying the person(s) responsible for the theft of Diboll area manhole covers.

Just after noon on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, Public Works employees discovered that at least nine manhole covers and several manhole rings had been stolen from manholes in the area of Booker Street and Highway 59 South; near Diboll’s Waste Water Treatment facility.

Some of the covers were unbolted from their rings while others were removed from the ground by breaking the surrounding concrete.

Stamped on the face of the manhole covers, manufactured by Sigma Corporation, are “SIGMA”, “HM144N”, “INDIA”, “SANITARY”, and “SEWER”.  Sigma Corporation product literature lists the combined weight of each cover and ring as 285 pounds.


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12/19/2011 - Clumsy Beer ThievesSOLVED
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 Crime Stoppers of Lufkin wants your help identifying two theft suspects who worked together to steal beer from a North Timberland Drive convenient store.


The store’s security video shows that the suspects arrived together in a white, older model, mid-size, four-door car but, to make others believe they were not together, they entered the store separately.


While one suspect blocked the employee`s view, the other suspect grabbed a case of Budweiser and began to exit the store without making payment.  When the beer-toting suspect thought the employee saw him, he let the door close, asked the employee about the cost of the beer, and pretended to return the beer to the cooler.  When the other suspect again had the employee’s attention, the main suspect exited the store, with the stolen beer, and made his way to the white car.


The employee described the main suspect as a 40 to 50 year old black male wearing a dark colored Nike brand jacket, blue pants, a checkered hat, and glasses.


Click her to view portions of the security video.


Crime Stoppers profiled this theft, typically a misdemeanor offense, because investigators know this might not be the suspects’ first theft and prior convictions would enhance the penalty to a State Jail Felony.


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12/12/2011 - Convenient Store RobberySOLVED
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Angelina County Sheriff’s Office Investigators need your help identifying a male suspect involved in the robbery of a Lufkin-area convenient store.


Just before 2:00 on the morning of Friday, December 09th, the male suspect shown here arrived at a convenient store located in the 3600 block of Highway 69 North in Lufkin.  The suspect was a passenger in an older-model, four-door, long-wheel-base Ford truck, possibly two-tone blue-in-color.  The suspect made a purchase and left the area in the Ford truck.


The black male suspect had short-cut hair, a thin, chin-strap style beard, and a thin mustache, and he was wearing a dark color, Aéropostale brand hooded sweatshirt with a white “19 AERO 87” graphic on its front. 


A short time later, the suspect returned to the store, this time wearing a knit cap and sunglasses, placed a piece of candy on the cash register counter, and handed the store clerk a dollar bill.  When the clerk opened the cash register drawer, the suspect displayed a handgun and demanded the clerk give him all of the money from the register. 


The clerk slammed shut the register and the suspect, fled from the store. 


The clerk’s refusal to meet the suspect’s demands could have had dire consequences; thankfully, the suspect chose instead to flee on-foot without the store’s money.


Click here to view portions of the security video.

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11/21/2011 - Wanted Person - Jeremy Wade HensonCAPTURED
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Angelina County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) needs your help locating a probation absconder. 


Jeremy Wade Henson is wanted on a felony revocation of probation warrant.  Henson has a history of absconding and went on the run this time after failing a drug test. 


Henson is a 34-year-old, white male, and he is known to drive a white truck and a burgundy car.  His arrest reports indicate that he typically works logging, factory, or manual labor jobs.


When arrested in June of this year, Henson’s home address was 208 East Denman Avenue, apartment 23, in Lufkin and he recently appeared at the residences of family and friends on Garrison Road and Crooked Creek Drive in Lufkin, but officers have been unable to capture him at any of these locations. 


The image of Jeremy Wade Henson shown at right was captured following his arrest on June 2011.  Click here view additional arrest booking images, dating back to June 1999.


The listed warrant information was correct and current when published but may no longer be current or correct when read. Warrants and charges must be verified before arrest. NEVER attempt to apprehend any suspect yourself; doing so may be dangerous and Crime Stoppers will not pay a reward to anyone involved in such action.

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10/10/2011 - Smash and GrabSOLVED
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Investigators need your help identifying suspects involved in a smash-and-grab-style vehicle burglary that resulted in the theft of a purse and the fraudulent use of the victim’s credit cards.


Around 5:00 PM on a Wednesday, the victim parked her vehicle in the parking lot of a Lufkin-area tanning salon. The victim remembered to lock her vehicle’s doors but she left her purse on the passenger seat.

Security cameras at the salon captured this video of suspects in the parking lot. The video shows that the two suspects were black males driving a green, mid- to late-nineties model Dodge Stratus. The video also shows that the paint on the roof and trunk lid of the suspects’ vehicle is damaged or peeling. While the driver waited in the vehicle, the other suspect smashed the victim’s window, stole her purse, and ran back to the waiting Stratus.

The suspects sped away from the scene with the victim’s purse containing a Seiko brand watch, a bracelet, and a wallet with cash, credit and debit cards, and a checkbook. A couple of miles away, they stopped at a convenient store where they used the victim’s credit cards and were again seen on video.

Click here to view portions of the security videos



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9/26/2011 - Burglars and ForgersSOLVED
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Lufkin Police Department investigators need your help identifying the suspects shown here.


Over the night of July 29, 2011, unidentified suspects burglarized a Toyota Camry parked outside its owner’s residence on Humason Avenue in Lufkin.  Once inside the vehicle, the suspects stole coins from the vehicle’s console and the owner’s checkbook.


During the ten days following the burglary, the suspects shown here went to Lufkin-area businesses and fraudulently passed at least nine of the stolen checks.


Security cameras at the businesses captured these images of the suspects as they passed several of the checks.  As theses video clips and images show, two of the forgers are black males and, while traveling to and from the businesses on different dates, the suspects were passengers in vehicles that appear to be a white Ford Taurus, a dark-colored Ford Explorer, and a white Oldsmobile 88.


Click here to view portions of the security videos


At a minimum, the suspects captured on video were involved in the fraudulent passing of checks on the victim’s bank account but they and others may have been involved in additional forgeries and the burglary of the victim’s vehicle.




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9/5/2011 - Home InvasionSOLVED
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Lufkin Police Department investigators need your help identifying the man responsible for a home invasion-style robbery that occurred in the 500 block of Willow Bend Drive in Lufkin just before 4:00 PM on September 01, 2011.


The man shown in this security camera-captured image robbed a female victim at gunpoint days after her 77th birthday.  The victim heard a knock at her front door and when she unlocked the door, the suspect forced his way inside while pointing a handgun at the victim.


The victim described the suspect as a clean-shaven white male with well-groomed hair, wearing eyeglasses, a bright colored shirt, and khaki colored shorts.  The security video shows that he is overweight and was wearing an orange shirt and white tennis shoes.


The suspect stole the victim’s purse and, within minutes of fleeing the house, used her credit card at a convenience store located a few blocks away, at the intersection of East Denman Avenue and South Chestnut Street.


Click here to view video captured by the convenience store’s security cameras showing the suspect using the victim’s credit card to purchase fuel for a dark colored Volkswagen Eos, a two-door, hardtop convertible vehicle.





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