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Beginning February 16, 2015, Crime Stoppers of Lufkin's Crime of the Week case will also appear on the Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers website.  At www.DETCS.tips you will find information concerning crimes and wanted persons from Angelina and surrounding counties.

Three options for submitting a tip:

  • Online (Submit a Tip)
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  • Text message (text keyword 639TIPS and your tip information to CRIMES -- numerically, CRIMES is 274637)

Crime Stoppers programs are private, non-profit organizations that assist law enforcement but are not part of law enforcement.  As long as the tipster uses the published Crime Stoppers tipline telephone number, website address, or text message instructions, neither Crime Stoppers nor any law enforcement officer/investigator will know the tipster’s identity.  Anonymity is not Crime Stoppers’ promise -- it is the law.  In Texas, a person, including a law enforcement officer, may commit a crime if they intentionally or knowingly divulge the identity of a Crime Stoppers Tipster.  To further ensure a tipster’s identity is never known, Crime Stoppers pays rewards only for anonymous tips; tipsters who identify themselves are not eligible for payment.

Tips are accepted regarding any crime or wanted person, whether publicized by Crime Stoppers or not.  In-progress crimes and emergencies should be reported to law enforcement (dial 9-1-1 for emergencies).

1/31/2011 - ATM VandalSOLVED
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Lufkin Police Department needs your help to identify the person responsible for vandalizing a local Automated Teller Machine (ATM).


Just before 5:00 AM on the morning of January 22, 2011, an unidentified male suspect spent several minutes attempting to operate an ATM located in the 900 block of Pershing Avenue in Lufkin and then destroyed the machine’s video camera.  Based upon the ATM’s video files, the suspect, who was apparently unaware that destroying the camera did nothing to protect his identity, was the rear seat passenger in a small four-door vehicle with damage to the paint of its roof.  The vehicle, which may be a Nissan Altima, was driven by a female and had another passenger in the front passenger seat.


The suspect, shown here in images captured by the camera he destroyed, is a Hispanic male and was wearing a white with blue pinstripes button-down shirt and a blue zipper-front Adidas brand track jacket with three, white stripes running the length of each sleeve.  Click the image at right to enlarge and click [ Click to View Movie ] to see a looped portion of the security video.



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11/29/2010 - Runaway Blu-raySOLVED
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Just after 1:00 P.M. on October 13, 2010, a thief attempted to steal merchandise from a business located in the 3000 block of South John Redditt Drive, and investigators need your assistance to identify him.


The white male suspect, seen here in images captured by the store’s security camera system, and another subject entered into the store together and made their way to the store’s electronics section.  Once separated from the other subject, the suspect picked up several Sony brand Blu-ray players and walked to the front of the store.  When he by-passed the cash registers, it was clear that the suspect intended to steal the merchandise instead of paying for it.


The suspect looked around the front of the store to see if anyone was watching him and then tried to exit the store with the stolen Blu-ray players.  He might have been successful but was tripped up by trying to go the wrong way through the automatic doors.  He dropped the merchandise and ran back into the store when a loss prevention employee tried to detain him.


Although he didn’t get away with the merchandise, the suspect was able to lose the chasing employee, exit the store, and flee the area in a waiting vehicle.


Click the image at right to enlarge.


**Investigators are only attempting to identify the subject wearing the white t-shirt and blue jeans**




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11/15/2010 - Pair of ThievesSOLVED
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On the morning of October 23, 2010, a wallet and credit cards were stolen from an office in Woodland Heights Hospital, and the hospital’s security video camera system captured images of the female suspect shown here entering and exiting the office.


A short time later, a citizen found the wallet discarded on top of a dumpster located outside of Starbucks, located in the 2200 block of South First Street in Lufkin.  When found, the wallet was inside of a plastic bag from Walmart and further investigation revealed that the male suspect shown here and the female suspect seen in the hospital’s security video fraudulently utilized credit cards from the wallet to makes purchases from Walmart.


Walmart’s security video camera system captured images of the suspects arriving and departing together in a white, four-door car.  The video shows that the female suspect used one of the stolen credit cards to purchase an HP brand laptop computer and the male suspect attempted to use another card to purchase a desktop computer.


Click [ Click to View Movie ] to see a portions of the security videos from Woodland Heights Hospital and Walmart.


If you can identify either of these criminals or provide any information concerning these crimes, call Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit an anonymous tip by clicking [ SOLVE THIS CRIME ].  You never have to give your name and Crime Stoppers may pay a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to a felony arrest related to this type of crime.



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10/11/2010 - Coin-Op. TheftSOLVED
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Just after midnight on September 16, 2010 a man stole a coin-operated machine from the parking lot of an Atkinson Drive convenient store.


The male suspect, shown here in security camera captured images, spent approximately forty-five minutes in and around the store.  The timestamp of the store’s video system indicates that the suspect parked his truck on the south side of the store just before 11:30 P.M. and spent several minutes working on his truck before entering into the store.  The video shows that he purchased motor oil from the store and then returned to the parking lot and resumed his work on his truck.


Approximately ten minutes after midnight the suspect used his truck and a chain to pull the store’s a coin-operated automotive air and water dispenser from the ground; he can be seen stopping to adjust the chain before driving away, dragging the machine behind him.


The suspect is a bald, white male with, what appears to be, a white- or grey-in-color chin curtain style bread, and he was driving an older, single-cab Ford truck.  Click on the image of the suspect to enlarged.


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10/4/2010 - Snatch and GoSOLVED
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On August 27, 2010 a thief snatched money from the cash register of a Lufkin-area convenience store.


The male suspect shown here entered the South Timberland Drive convenient store around 11:45 P.M., just before the convenient store closed for the day.  When the store clerk opened the cash register, the suspect reached across cash registered counter and grabbed a handful of cash from the cash drawer.  The clerk tried to stop the suspect but the suspect pulled his hand, and the money, away and fled on-foot from the store.


The store clerk pursued the suspect out of the store but lost sight of him in a nearby neighborhood.  The clerk walked back to the store to contact Lufkin Police Department and to review video captured by the store’s security video camera system.  Click on the image of the suspect to see an enlarged image.  Portions of the video captured by the business’ security cameras can be viewed by clicking on [ Click to View Movie ].


At the time of the crime, the suspect was wearing long black shorts, a black shirt, and a black hooded sweatshirt.


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9/6/2010 - T-P ArsonistSOLVED
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At approximately 8:45 P.M. on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 an unidentified suspect attempted to set fire to a structure at Winston Park, located at 1009 Clinton Drive in Lufkin.


The image shown at right is one of several images captured by a security video camera in place at the Park (click on the image to enlarge).  Viewed in-series, the images show that between 8:45 P.M. and 9:33 P.M. that date an unidentified male suspect ignited a substance multiple times at different areas outside of the structure in an apparent attempt set fire to the structure.


Damage to pipe insulation, paint, and wooden portions along exterior of the structure occurred when suspect set fire to toilet paper stuffed against insulation surrounding a water pipe.  The images show that the suspect is a white or Hispanic male wearing a white-in-color t-shirt and light-colored pants.  The suspect used toilet paper from the Park’s restroom and may have used a chemical accelerant.  Based upon the image captured at 9:31 P.M., it appears that the suspect rode a bicycle to and from the Park.


To view a short video composed of the security camera-captured images click at right on “Click to View Movie”.


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7/26/2010 - In Plain SightSOLVED
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Crime Stoppers Tipsters assisted investigators in identifying the thieves shown here.  The identities of these criminals were being sought in connection to the theft of multiple pairs of eyeglasses frames from a Lufkin-area Optometrist’s office.


On Friday, July 16, 2010, staff of a Lufkin-area Optometrist’s office reported to Lufkin Police Department at approximately 5:30 P.M. that date the male and female suspects had stolen merchandise from the showroom at the office and then fled the area.  Reviewing security video files revealed that the suspects targeted the more expensive brands of eyeglasses frames, including men’s and women’s styles of the brands; Versace, Dior, Hardy, and Coach.  The video files also showed that the suspects did little to conceal their actions from the numerous other customers and the members of staff present in the showroom at the time of the crime. 




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7/19/2010 - Copper ThievesSOLVED
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Diboll Police need your assistance to identify the suspect seen in these images captured by a security camera, in multiple theft copper incidents at the Diboll Civic Center.

At approximately 4:00 A.M. on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, the damage the thieves caused to the Civic Center’s air-conditioning unit is valued at approximately $50,000.  Detectives believe that at least two suspects are involved in stealing copper from the facility on three separate occasions and that the same suspects may also be responsible for copper wire stolen from the Diboll Junior High School.

[click the image to view a larger version]


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6/28/2010 - Random Acts of ViolenceSOLVED

Around midnight on May 8, 2010, two Lufkin-area residents became victims of random acts of violence perpetrated by two assailants who investigators have not yet identified.  That night, Lufkin Police Department Officers responded to two calls for help, spaced only a few minutes apart, and learned that in each incident a pedestrian was brutally attacked by bottle-wielding assailants in a pickup truck.  Witnesses to the incidents stated that the assailants were white, males driving a light-colored small to mid-size pickup truck.


The first victim, a 43-year old male, was walking in the 800 block of North Raguet Street when the assailants stopped their vehicle near him, asked the victim a question to bring him closer to their vehicle, and then used a beer bottle to strike the victim’s face, causing a laceration below his eye.


The second victim, a 45-year-old male, was walking in the 900 block of Weaver Avenue when he was attacked in a manner similar to the first attack.  According to witnesses, the victim was at the roadside speaking with the assailants when they used a beer bottle to strike the victim’s head and face.  The attack caused massive facial injuries, including lacerations and bone fractures, and rendered the victim unconscious.  The victim was moved by ambulance to a local hospital and then transported by helicopter to a regional trauma center.



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6/7/2010 - Senseless VandalismSOLVED


At approximately 6:00 P.M. on Sunday, May 16, 2010, a vandal burglarized a business located in the 1300 block of Wilson Avenue.


The suspect forced entry into multiple buildings on the business’ property by smashing windows and breaking doors.  Once inside the buildings, the suspect used the business’s own blue spray paint to write graffiti on interior walls, the suspect also smeared grease on locks and doors, took property from within some of the buildings, and damaged an expanded metal security door in an unsuccessful attempt to access a storage room.


A security camera in place inside of the business captured video of the suspect, a black, male subject wearing a white tank top.  The video shows the suspect as he walks in front of the security camera and then pauses to swings a tool at the camera; he missed the camera and then walked away.  Video of the suspect and some of the damage he caused can be viewed online at www.LufkinCrimeStoppers.com.  


The video of the suspect and evidence collected from the crime scene will serve to link the suspect to the crime, but Investigators need your assistance to identify the suspect so that he can be brought to justice.



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